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The COAPE Association of Applied Pet Behaviourists and Trainers is the UK’s largest network of specifically qualified pet behaviour therapists.


COAPE Association Behaviourists and Trainers always liaise with the client's veterinary surgeon during the assessment and treatment of emotional and behavioural problems in cats and dogs, and also cage-birds, rabbits and horses. Typical problems for referral include canine aggression, separation related problems, house training and indoor marking problems in cats, anxiety and phobias.


Treatment programmes vary according to the nature and severity of the problem but many, especially those concerning intra-canine aggression, require a course of treatment rather than a single consultation, and a well-organised rehabilitation programme. A written report is sent to the client and referring veterinary surgeon after the initial consultation and on-going advice for the client is available between sessions via telephone and e-mail. Further reports outlining progress are sent to you and the Practitioner will liaise with you as appropriate in every case.



Who are the COAPE Association of Applied Pet Behaviourists and Trainers?

 All members of the association are holders of the COAPE Diploma (DipCABT) in Practical Aspects of Companion Animal Behaviour and Training (which is independently accredited by OFQUAL). Many members of the association are veterinary surgeons, nurses, animal welfare professionals etc who incorporate their behaviour work into their existing professional activities.


To become registered as a COAPE Pet Behaviourist and Trainer,  all members must sign up to our Code of Practice, which includes the demand of maintaining appropriate professional insurance indemnity.


COAPE Behaviourists and Trainers maintain their state-of-the-art competence and knowledge through attending various Continuing Professional Development courses offered by COAPE and others, and through the back up and support of their tutors and colleagues via the extensive and very busy Members Section of the CAPBT Association.


Some COAPE Behaviourists and Trainers choose to specialise in particular areas of behaviour work, such as in the treatment of canine aggression or feline problems, and also offer other useful related services, such as dog training classes, puppy classes, boarding kennels and hydrotherapy.